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Audrey Guth and Nanny Angels


The Nanny Angel Network (NAN) is a registered charity and the only organization of its kind in Canada to provide free in-home childcare support for mothers who have been diagnosed with cancer, for those requiring palliative care and for families requiring additional relief during the bereavement period.

Cancer diagnosis and treatment is traumatic for everyone, but particularly for young mothers. They worry about being able to protect and support their children; without support, they may end up postponing appointments or neglecting treatment based on their children’s care.

NAN helps mothers feel assured that their children are in safe, caring hands. That confidence gives them the chance to focus on their medical treatments, doctors’ visit, and taking the time they need to rest and recover. For 2-4 hours per week, Nanny Angels volunteer their time so mothers can get much needed rest, go to appointments or run errands or simply have time for themselves. Delivering these services in the family’s own home reduces stress and allows women to focus on their own well-being.

To qualify, mothers must be currently undergoing cancer treatment, or be in the early stages of recovery, with a child under the age of twelve.

Founder Audrey Guth is a breast cancer survivor, mother of four and the president of Diamond Personnel, a nanny placement agency. After meeting other moms who were struggling to find childcare while they went to treatment sessions, doctors’ appointments and tried to get the rest they needed, she decided that there was a significant gap between health care and social services that simply wasn’t being met. So she decided to find a solution herself, and the result is the Nanny Angel Network, which provides free in-home childcare support for mothers who have cancer.

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