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Nanny Angel Network serves the Greater Toronto Area.

Tel: 416-730-0025
Fax: 416-730-8963

Audrey Guth
Founder, Executive Director

Emily Signoretti
Program Coordinator

Contact Emily if you would like to request childcare services, refer a family member, friend, client, or patient, are a family currently receiving service, or have any inquiries about service delivery and/or service area. You should also contact Emily if you are a current Nanny Angel or are in training.

Jensine Jones
Administrative Assistant

Contact Jensine for any general inquiries or if you are otherwise uncertain where to direct your question.

Maddie Wright
Event Coordinator

Contact Maddie for information about any events with the Nanny Angel Network, including information about sponsorships and tickets to the Angels & Heroes Gala, May 11th, 2017.

Head Office

Nanny Angel Network
1000 Sheppard Avenue, West, Suite 100
Toronto, Ontario M3H 2T6

You can also reach us by completing the following form.

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