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The Nanny Angel Network provides free, specialized in-home relief childcare support for mothers who have been diagnosed with cancer, for those requiring palliative care and for families requiring additional relief during the bereavement period.

Nanny Angels help mothers feel assured that their children are in safe, caring and qualified hands, giving them the confidence to focus on medical treatments and take the time they need to rest.

Children meanwhile find comfort in caring and informed support, helping them navigate, grieve and ultimately thrive in the face of the overwhelming complexities associated with a mother’s cancer diagnosis.


  • You are a mother diagnosed with cancer; who is currently in treatment, in the early phases of recovery
  • Or, the surviving spouse of a mother who has lost her life to cancer within the last year
  • You have a child(ren) 12 or under
  • You live in the Greater Toronto Area (see our service delivery area for more information)


Click here to apply for a Nanny Angel or call 416-730-0025 x 2




All Nanny Angels are rigorously screened, interviewed and selected specifically for each family. They are professional child care providers with specialized training in supporting children and families living with cancer. The safety of the children is the Angel’s primary concern; all Angels have CPR and first aid training. Nanny Angels offer fun, educational, creative and safe experiences for the children in their care. Nanny Angels will arrive at your home with an Angel Activity Bag containing resource materials and an assortment of books, arts and crafts and other tools of the ‘nanny’ trade.

Nanny Angels provide a minimum of 2-4 hours per week of in-home care for children while mothers are keeping appointments, getting rest or taking time for themselves. While we would love to provide full time care, we are currently a relief service. We are committed to ensuring you receive a minimum of 2-4 hours of service per week and will work with you to build a schedule that suits your needs.

Nanny Angels care for children in the family home. We know that things like snack preparation and tidying up the children’s rooms and play areas can be a tremendous help. These tasks are within the scope of Nanny Angels’ duties if time permits. However, please keep in mind that Nanny Angels don’t provide housekeeping.

Throughout care, the Program Manager checks in with you and the Nanny Angel to ensure the service is meeting your needs.

Nanny Angels don’t accept any remuneration for their services.