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Free, professional childcare for moms with cancer.

The Nanny Angel Network is a registered charity and the only organization of its kind in Canada. We provide free in-home relief childcare for mothers with cancer, those requiring palliative care, and for families who need help during the bereavement period.

Helping moms. Helping families.

Cancer is traumatic for everyone, but it can be especially hard on women with young kids. Without reliable, affordable childcare, many end up postponing appointments and compromising their treatment.

Ontario doesn’t offer in-home childcare to families facing cancer, and that means those who may have already lost income end up spending money they can’t afford – or aren’t able to access reliable childcare at all.

That’s where the Nanny Angel Network comes in. NAN is a registered charity: our Nanny Angels are not paid providers, but caring, trained, fully-insured volunteers who want to help others. For four hours a week, they volunteer their time so mothers can rest, go to appointments, or simply have a few hours for themselves. Moms know their kids are in safe, caring hands, which reduces stress and lets them focus on their own well-being.

A founder with a vision

Audrey Guth is a mother of four, a breast cancer survivor, and the founder of Diamond Personnel, a nanny placement agency. After meeting other moms who were struggling to find childcare while they went to appointments and tried to get the rest they needed, she saw a big gap and decided to find a solution herself. The result is the Nanny Angel Network.

“We have a vision of a world where mothers in need no longer feel alone during cancer treatment, but are resilient, less stressed and recover quickly,” she says. “NAN gives young kids excellent care at home, helps them feel less anxious and gives them the chance to share their feelings in a safe environment. Together, we are working to create a reality where every mother with cancer gets the care she needs for her children – so she has enough time to take care of herself.”

Above: Founder of Nanny Angel Network Audrey Guth discusses where the idea came from and the feedback they receive from the moms.

Helping moms, supporting kids

When a Nanny Angel visits, children get the warm, undivided attention of a trained caregiver who engages them and gives them a safe place to share their feelings. For kids with anger, anxiety, or difficulties dealing with their mom’s illness, Nanny Angels provide extra help and support.

NAN has been around for almost a decade – and we’re backed by 30 years of nanny agency experience.

Help that goes beyond childcare

Talking about cancer with your kids is hard. A Nanny Angel can help with those tough conversations, and give kids the support they need to process the situation. Using books, community resources and genuine warmth and empathy, we help guide them through a difficult time, including end of life and bereavement periods, if necessary.

Over 500 nannies have been trained in cancer awareness and prevention and are committed to sharing that knowledge with their peers and the families they support.

Measuring the impact of NAN

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