Every mom with cancer is eligible for a Nanny Angel

There are no barriers to getting help. All you have to do is ask. We help:

  • Mothers who have received a cancer diagnosis, who are receiving treatment or are receiving palliative care
  • Guardians of children whose mother has died of cancer within the last year
  • Families with children 16 or under
  • Families living in the Greater Toronto Area and in Kingston (See our service areas for more information)

* A pilot project is underway to support fathers with cancer.

To request a Nanny Angel, click here or call 416-730-0025 x 2.

Request a Nanny Angel

As soon as you are diagnosed you are eligible for a Nanny Angel. Even if you feel okay and well supported now, we often hear that there’s only so much you can ask of friends and family. Contact us to register for service so you’re ready when you need us. Once we’ve received your inquiry, our Program Coordinator will be in touch to better understand your needs and match you with a dedicated Nanny Angel.

Get Help

You don’t have to do this alone. It’s okay to ask for help – that’s why we’re here.

Request a Nanny Angel

Make an Impact

Become a dedicated volunteer and support kids through their mothers’ illness.

Be a Nanny Angel


We rely on generous donations to provide free, specialized childcare for mothers with cancer.

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