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FREE relief childcare, right in your home – all you have to do is ask.

You don’t have to do this alone. It’s okay to ask for help – that’s what we’re here for.

The help you need. When you need it most.

Coping with cancer is hard enough without worrying about childcare. Trained, experienced caregivers volunteer their time to take care of your kids so you can go to your appointments, have a rest, or just take a break.

When a Nanny Angel is visiting, moms know their kids are in safe, caring, highly qualified hands, giving them the confidence to focus on treatments and take the time they need to rest.

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What’s a Nanny Angel?

Each Nanny Angel is a fully-vetted professional with experience providing safe, reliable childcare. Angels ease the burden for families facing cancer, and help kids cope with their mother’s illness. Each of these caring, capable, giving individuals is a volunteer – their reward is making a difference in the lives of families like yours.

How does NAN help kids?

Nanny Angels offer children the comfort they need in a stressful situation. Not only do they provide entertaining, engaging care, they can help kids process their feelings. In fact, they’re trained to support kids in crisis, and are there to help children through anxiety, anger, grief or other issues related to their mother’s diagnosis.

Who we help

Every mom with cancer is eligible for a Nanny Angel – there’s no barrier to getting help. All you have to do is apply.

We help:

  • Mothers diagnosed with cancer who are currently in treatment or in the early phases of recovery
  • Families with children 16 or under
  • Guardians of children whose mother has died of cancer within the last year
  • Families living in the Greater Toronto Area (see our service delivery area for more information) and in Kingston

To request a Nanny Angel, click here or call 416-730-0025 x 1
To request a Nanny Angel in Kingston, call 416-730-0025 x 8

What does a Nanny Angel do?

Nanny Angels are unpaid volunteers who provide four hours per week of in-home childcare. While we would love to offer full-time care, we only have the resources to provide relief service.

All Nanny Angels are rigorously screened and selected specifically for each family. They are professional childcare providers with CPR and first aid training, plus specialized training in supporting families living with cancer.

Nanny Angels offer educational, creative experiences for the children in their care. They will arrive at your home with an activity bag filled with resources, books, arts and crafts and more, and keep kids safe, engaged and having fun.

If time permits, Nanny Angels can help with making snacks and tidying up kids’ rooms and play areas. However, please keep in mind that they don’t provide housekeeping – and they don’t accept any remuneration for their services.

A client experience coordinator with check in with you and your Nanny Angel regularly to ensure the service is meeting your needs.

Request your Nanny Angel

You can start with us at any point in your cancer journey. Once we’ve received your application, we will talk to you to better understand your needs and match you with a dedicated Nanny Angel to provide consistency and build trust.

To ensure the safety of all our families and volunteers, we require both parties to sign a participation agreement.