Nanny Angel Network Program for Children

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” – O. Fred Donaldson

Routine is an important part of having a healthy childhood. Building good habits and creating a balance of work and play are a normal part of childhood. But when a parent is sick and undergoing treatment it seriously impacts a regular routine. A cancer diagnosis is traumatic for the whole family, but it’s especially challenging for a child. It can already be pretty stressful to be a kid today, and kids can be fearful and anxious when confronted with a mom’s illness. This stress can overwhelm a child’s ability to cope and if left unattended, it can seriously impact physical, emotional and mental health.

The Nanny Angel Network Program for Children was specially designed by a Certified Child Life Specialist to help children to cope with their mom’s cancer.

Our Child Life Specialist is a certified pediatric health care professional whose goal is to help children navigate difficult medical situations, like hospitalization, disability or serious illness – either their own or that of a loved one. Our Child Life Specialist designed the Nanny Angel Network Program for Children to help your kids be strong and happy.

The biggest part of the Nanny Angel Network Program for Children is about providing a sense of normalcy for kids. Nanny Angels give kids permission to feel joy without guilt and work to model healthy ways to manage stress, focus on developmentally appropriate play and build healthy routines together.

Children in the program are taught coping skills in a language they understand – play. Specially designed coping kits are fun and interactive activities that the child and their trusted Nanny Angel can complete together in a safe and comfortable setting – in their own home. By teaching children coping strategies through a fun and play-based approach, we are equipping them with the skills to handle their family’s cancer journey and gain confidence in their ability to tackle anything life throws their way.

We know that kids who are able to cope in healthy ways have better long-term psychosocial outcomes and grow to become stronger and more resilient adults. At the end of the program, each child will have a full tool kit of coping skills to draw on during any stressful situation.

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