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To The Moms in Treatment

Vanessa was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in 2016. She was told by her doctor that her cancer was in its early stages and curable with chemotherapy. Unfortunately, her cancer progressed and the young mom of a three-year-old daughter and one-year-old son quickly found herself in and out of the hospital. “As my health deteriorated, I…

To The Moms in Recovery

“I was completely shocked when I heard the words ‘You have cancer’.” Annalisa was nursing her three-month-old son when she discovered a lump in her breast. After multiple tests, she was diagnosed with Stage three breast cancer. As a young mom to three daughters and a newborn, Annalisa worried about her children and how she…

To The Moms Just Diagnosed

In October 2020, Stephanie, a young mom of two preschoolers, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. As a former caregiver to her mom, who previously battled triple-negative breast cancer, Stephanie was all too familiar with the experience. Stephanie’s disease spread rapidly and she needed to undergo an immediate double mastectomy surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery led to…

Love and Support from the Waugh Family Foundation

For sister-in-laws Hayley and Stacey Waugh, the work of the Nanny Angel Network resonates deeply, as they both experienced parents having cancer when they were young. They both watched one parent keeping the family together while the other recuperated and thankfully got well. From this shared experience and deep understanding of what a family goes…

Making a Difference One Family at a Time

Volunteers like Delaney are the heartbeat of NAN. We couldn’t help moms with cancer and their kids without their unwavering support. Delaney joined the Nanny Angel Network with the hope of brightening the lives of families through their cancer journey. However, when she began volunteering she no idea of the positive reciprocal impact it would have…

Audrey Guth, 2-Time Cancer Survivor, Dedicates Her Life to Helping Mothers Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Kelsey Moroz, Conquer the Patient Voice Magazine Audrey Guth is a 2-time cancer survivor, of thyroid cancer and breast cancer. In 2009 she launched the Nanny Angel Network to help lessen the impact of cancer on families. “The first thing that goes through your mind after being diagnosed with cancer is, what’s going to happen…

Free, specialized childcare for moms with cancer

Susan Hay Broadcast Journalist, Anchor/Producer, Global News To lessen the impact of cancer on families, Audrey Guth founded the Nanny Angel Network – offering free in-home childcare for moms with cancer. Watch full story.

NAN offers support to moms with cancer despite isolation

TORONTO — Single mom Kathy Liu has been relying on the free services offered by the Nanny Angel Network ever since her cancer diagnosis last summer.

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