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Making a Difference for Moms

Motherhood is never easy, even in the best of circumstances. But having to cope with a cancer diagnosis presents unimaginable challenges. It changes your routines. It brings uncertainty and often strains your finances and relationships. It tests you physically and emotionally. It impacts those around you, especially your children who often do not know how to make sense of it. That’s why the Nanny Angel Network provides free, relief childcare for moms in all stages of cancer.

Our Nanny Angels are specially trained volunteers who have one goal – lessening the impact of cancer and death on children and families.

Making a Difference for Children

Children thrive on emotional stability. And having to live through the trauma of a mom’s cancer can create uncertainty and a sense of insecurity. It can result in emotional and behavioural changes. It can negatively affect a child’s relationships and mental health. These all have the potential to last a lifetime. That’s why the Nanny Angel Network adopts an individualized and specialized approach to its program delivery.

The children we serve benefit from our Child Life Specialist – a pediatric health care professional trained to provide children with the tools to help them cope and navigate their mom’s cancer and possible death.

Measuring Our Impact on Families

We’re working toward creating a future where no mother will ever have to choose between her children and her health, and her children will be supported throughout her illness.

  • 100% of families said they’d ask for our help again
  • 100% of families said they’d recommend us to a friend in need
  • 87% of mothers indicted that the childcare assistance from their Nanny Angel encouraged them to adhere to their medical appointments