Summer camp is one of the best parts about being a kid, but extracurricular activities are often the first things to be forgotten when a family is facing a serious illness like cancer.

Thanks to the generous support of the Green Family and friends, the Nanny Angel Network is here to make sure that every NAN kid gets the chance to experience the wonders of summer camp through the Ronda Green Camp Program for Children.

This special program provides moms with respite and kids with the opportunity to go to camp during this stressful time, to have fun outdoors and to be kids just a little longer.

Ronda knew all too well how difficult it is for young mothers with cancer. She was committed to ensuring that these families had the support they needed to lessen the impact of cancer on their children. It is our privilege to honour Ronda’s memory with this special program.

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We rely on generous donations to provide free, specialized childcare for mothers with cancer.

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