Parents with cancer shouldn’t have to choose between looking after their kids and their health. We provide free in-home and virtual support programs for families living with cancer that help kids during their parent’s cancer journey.

Homework Club

Parents wear many hats. They’re heroes, caregivers and teachers. When a parent has cancer fulfilling these roles becomes more challenging. When the pandemic hit, NAN created the Homework Club; this virtual program provides children with a homework buddy to guide, encourage and help them problem-solve to build routine and confidence. For two hours weekly, our Homework Angel volunteers engage kids in one-on-one virtual support to help them overcome learning obstacles and encourage a positive work ethic. This gives parents the time to rest and focus on their well-being.

Fun in a Box

With rolling school closures, kids are at home full-time, which can be challenging for parents to keep up with while also focusing on their cancer journey. Fun in a Box is a monthly activity box delivered to the door. It includes age-appropriate creative, and engaging activities designed by our Child Life Specialist team to provide stimulation for kids while developing their emotional intelligence in an effort to help them manage their worries in a healthy way. For two hours a week, Activity Angel volunteers engage kids in age-appropriate virtual play so parents can take the time to rest and focus on their well-being.

Weekly Virtual Cancer Support Group

Cancer is scary, confusing and difficult to navigate on your own. Our weekly Virtual Cancer Support Group, hosted by an experienced registered nurse, provides a safe space for parents with cancer where they can share their experiences, ask questions and build supportive relationships. By coming together, they are able to benefit from the expert advice of a counsellor and shared experiences as they navigate the emotional and physical aspects of their cancer journey.

To learn more about our programs please contact us at or call 4167300025 x 2.