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Impacting families with cancer

Your commitment to the Nanny Angel Network (NAN) is positively impacting mothers across the GTA. Every dollar has a tremendous impact,  providing free and specialized in-home relief childcare for mothers with cancer.

When a mother is diagnosed with cancer, invariably her first thought is who will take care of my children? The Nanny Angel Network is the only organization of its kind in Canada. When a mother is diagnosed, she is eligible for a Nanny Angel – a volunteer who will provide relief childcare – giving her the confidence to focus on medical treatments and much needed rest. Your gift to NAN will:

Fund personalized matching for families with Nanny Angels

Each family is unique with its own dynamic and make-up. At NAN, we place extra care and concern into matching families with the ideal Nanny Angel volunteer. Your support of this specialized matching process means that children will receive the best possible Angel for their specific situation.

Support critical advancements in technology

As NAN seeks to grow our programming, scheduling automation and enhanced connections to families will be an important addition. By investing in technology, NAN will be able to provide 5x the value of your dollar in service delivery. Currently, it is able to provide 2x the value.

Train more Nanny Angel volunteers

The Nanny Angel Network relies on volunteer Angels to service our NAN families. In order to support more mothers, we need to recruit and train a growing number of volunteers. By investing in training, you are ensuring that more families get the specialized care they need.

Provide Nanny Angels with tools for children

Nanny Angels aren’t babysitters. They receive specialized grief & bereavement training to be able to support children through this difficult time in their lives. Your donations will allow NAN to ensure that our Nanny Angels are fully equipped with resources and toys for mothers and their children, allowing everyone in the family to grieve, learn, and ultimately thrive in the face of difficulty.

As a donor of the Nanny Angel Network, you are impacting the lives of NAN families across the GTA. Together, we will work towards ensuring that every mother with cancer gets the care she needs.


2018 Financial Highlights

Every dollar given supports our mission to lessen the burden of cancer on families.

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