NAN is making an impact!

We’re always so happy to hear from our NAN families and volunteers to know that we’re helping to lessen the impact of cancer and make a difference one child at a time.

From our Families

“During this stressful time in our lives, my kids continued to thrive. I had the time to rest, recover and gather strength for the next challenge. For over two years in this incredible journey, the Nanny Angel Network has held our hands and gave us unconditional support every step of the way.” – Wendy, NAN mom


“I think the biggest thing for me is knowing there’s another woman, who isn’t paid to look after my child, who isn’t family, who isn’t a friend, she’s just someone out there in the world whose made it her business to help me make sure my child was okay, you know? And when she’s doing that, I just feel so protected. It’s like she really is a force of protection for our family.” – Abigail, NAN mom


“Chantel, our Nanny Angel, her spirit and support gave us hope. It was incredible to know that there was a complete stranger out there who cared enough to give us her most precious gift, her time. She stayed with us to the end and still visits us from time to time to this very day.” – Todd, bereaved father

From our Volunteers

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was very lucky that my children were grown and independent and I didn’t need to worry about taking care of them. I found out about NAN and I wanted to help these moms with small children in any way that I could. Seeing the relief on a mom’s face when she gets to spend a few hours on her own, and laughing and playing with young children, is the best part of being a Nanny Angel.” – Janet, Nanny Angel


“In 2002, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I heard about NAN, it brought back memories of the challenges we faced as a family during that difficult time. I am grateful for everyone who helped my family, and now I get to pay that forward and serve NAN families. In 2014, I was matched with a mom who had been diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer. She had just immigrated to Canada with her husband and two kids, with very few friends and family to support them. Once the mom was hospitalized, my visits allowed her husband to have time to visit with her. I feel blessed to have been able to be there for them during such a challenging time and create such a meaningful connection.”Joan, Nanny Angel


“Volunteering has brought out my imagination. It has channeled the child in me. I have become a better person. I have learned to be grateful and to cherish ALL moments. To me, the greatest reward is the hugs that I get upon arrival and departure. When I leave, they like to open my car door with the remote control and wave to me, blowing kisses from the window. How much more rewarding can it get than that?” Dianne, Nanny Angel

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