Why your support matters

Parents with cancer often find themselves choosing between the care of their children and caring for themselves. Studies have shown that parents often miss critical appointments and treatments simply because they have no childcare, thus delaying their recovery. Providing childcare once a week gives parents with cancer the opportunity to follow their medical treatment schedule and have time to rest so that they can once again be the parent they want to be.

Research indicates that children exposed to a parent’s long-term illness or death have a 50% increase in stress-related disorders such as depression, anxiety and even suicide. Giving children the opportunity to share their feelings with a trusted Nanny Angel, and having the ability to ask questions about their parent’s cancer, helps kids manage overwhelming stress. This support gives kids the tools they need to cope and teaches them lifelong skills to handle other life challenges.

Together, we can build a world where no parent has to choose between their health and the care of their children, and one in which every child has the support they need to understand and thrive in the face of a difficult family crisis.

Your support matters. Thank you for helping us make this world a better place, one child at a time. Your gift to NAN will:

Recruit and screen more Nanny Angel volunteers

The Nanny Angel Network relies on volunteer Nanny Angels to support our NAN families. In order to meet the growing demand and help even more families, we need to recruit and screen an increasing number of volunteers. Safety is our number one priority and each volunteer is extensively vetted and screened before they enter a family’s home. Your donations are giving NAN families peace of mind knowing their children are in the best possible hands.

Train Nanny Angels to provide specialized care

Nanny Angels aren’t babysitters. They receive specialized grief and bereavement training to be able to support children through this difficult time in their lives. We know that when children are given the tools they need to cope with the feelings of loss and grief that come with a parent’s illness, they grow to be stronger and more resilient adults. Nanny Angels are trained to have the hard conversations with kids about their parent’s cancer and navigate the emotional challenges that arise.

Provide Nanny Angels with tools for children

Designed and implemented by a Certified Child Life Specialist, the Nanny Angel Network Program for Children gives Nanny Angels the tools to teach children coping strategies in the language they understand – play. Your donations will make sure our Nanny Angels are fully equipped with resources and toys for parents and their children, allowing everyone in the family to grieve, learn and ultimately thrive in the face of difficulty.

Fund personalized matching for families with Nanny Angels

Each family is unique with its own dynamic and make-up. At NAN, we place extra care and concern into matching families with the ideal Nanny Angel volunteer. Your support of this specialized matching process means that children will receive the best possible Angel for their specific situation.

Educate the community and referral partners

We want everyone to know that the Nanny Angel Network is here to support families. With enough funding, we one day dream of having a network of Nanny Angels all the way across Canada. To accomplish this, we need to grow our referral partners, like hospitals and clinics, who share information with potential families and grow our community partners to find new volunteers to meet the family demand.

As a donor to the Nanny Angel Network, you are impacting the lives of NAN families across the GTA, Kingston, and Hamilton area. Together, we will work towards giving every parent with cancer the care they need.

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